KUFEKI STONE (Limestone)

Characteristics of Kufeki Stone

* It is an organic sedimentary stone composed of limestone, silica, and fossils (such as oysters and mussels).
* It is in the colors of light beige, light yellow or gray. It is fine-grained, sandy, porous, and crystalline. Our own product is light yellow. ( See the photos. )
* Referring to its extraction places, it is also called “Bakirkoy Stone” and “Silivri Stone” or to its characteristics “Bituminous Organic Limestone” and “Mactra Limestone.”
* Since it is soft just after the excavation, its processing is very easy.
* The tension, pressure, and shift strength increases in the length of time, while the formation of pores decreases. Its resistance against external disturbances, water, and gas emissions also increases in the course of time. Then, it absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes hard. This process continues for a long time. Its strength is more than that of concrete after years.

Limestone is a stone that can remain standing for a long time such as 2000-2500 years, which is also known as “Istanbul stone”, and which was started to be used in Roman and Byzantine periods. Its most important feature is easy processing and being suitable for any process the moment it is extracted from the ground, and it gains hardness, resistance and strength by absorbing carbondioxide in the air, after getting in contact with the air.

Therefore, it is the basic stone that is used inside and outside of all buildings that constitute Istanbul's aesthetic since the construction of Hagia Sophia by Byzantine and Yukarikapi Walls, and Suleymaniye Complex in Ottoman period.

Limestone is also a stone with climatic features. It absorbes suffocating hot temperature in summer months and freezing cold during winter months to help you breathe. Also it was discovered thanks to a study in 1986 at Moscow University that it does not let nuclear waves pass. We have own our own Kufeki mine where we produce the world’s hihghest quality Kufeki natural stone to export to the whole World.
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