Onyx stone, a type of calcinedon, is formed by the combination of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, copper, iron oxide and fluorine minerals, which is the cause of the boiling of the underground hot water.

gemina-onyx-free-skyOnyx name derives from the word “ring” in the Assyrian language. Onyx, a kind of quartz cryptocrystaline, is a stone with many layers in different colors. The colors of the layers vary quite a lot and can be as many different colors as white to black.

Onyx is a different stone than marble. From the outside, it is very difficult to distinguish from marble, but Onyx stone is translucent and light-brilliant, Marble is completely transparent. When marble is obtained from near-surface layers, Onyx stones are found in much deeper layers and are valued according to their color. Onyx is also a popular stone in ancient Greece and Rome. Onyx is related to Roman mythology. Goddess of beauty; Onyx is a compound of silicon dioxide. The most worthless onyx is the black one then white, gray, brown, yellow and green in order. Our own Onyx Stones are very rich in colors. ( See photos. )
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